A rock band portrait session in Lyon, France

Portrait of a rock band in Lyon

A photo shoot at the Zebureau photo studio in Lyon for a heavy metal band.

Individual musician portraits

Musical portraits of a rock band

Musicians were able to bring their musical instruments to create individual portraits in color and black & white, in addition to the official band portraits.

Portrait of a heavy metal guitarist in Lyon

A “metallic” rendering of the color portraits was developed on this occasion and has since been used as the signature of many of our studio portraits.

Portrait of a drummer in a rock band

The drummer, who was unable to travel with his equipment, was only allowed an individual studio portrait without his instrument.

Rock singer portrait

A series of live-style black & white portraits of each musician was also on the program, with tight, square framing in the style of a booklet or record sleeve.

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Portrait of a rock guitarist

Although the images produced are formatted to fit the style of music, a photo shoot with musicians is always a good time, as the bloopers at the end of this article show.

On this blog, we like to tell little stories, as in this article recounting the quest for the grail dog: 1/4 hour of street photography in Paris.

Portrait of a band in the studio

Heavy metal band portrait

If you’re a singer, musician or rock band on tour and you’re passing through Lyon for a concert,
maybe this shoot will give you ideas for spending 2 hours with us!
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with individual and group portrait sessions like the one featured in this article.

The “Off” photo session

Rock musicians between photo breaks

Between the ultra-serious breaks required of the musicians to “stick” to heavy metal, it’s hard not to relax a little!

Air drums without sticks

We did try the air drum portrait without drumsticks, but it just doesn’t do it!

chewbacca guitarist

We also successfully created a “chewbacca portrait” of the guitarist…

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