17 June 2024

AI-assisted illustration for a concert poster

Graphic illustration of musical notes generated by Midjourney
When asked to create a poster for an association, our Lyon-based design studio tested 3 text-to-image artificial intelligences to transform a few ideas into illustrations …
10 June 2024

Straightening verticals in architectural photography

Straightening verticals in architectural photography
How to give your architectural photographs a more professional look by straightening your images? …
9 March 2024

A portrait photo session for an album cover

Portrait of artist on record sleeve
For an independent artist releasing his tracks on streaming audio platforms, the record sleeve is a communication tool not to be neglected …
11 November 2023

A virtual studio portrait session with Midjourney

Black and white portrait Midjourney
We tested Midjourney 5.2, the most famous AI for generating images from text, to create a virtual photo shoot …
29 October 2023

A virtual studio portrait session with IA Stable Diffusion

Close-up portrait created with IA Stable Diffusion
We tested Stable Diffusion 1.5, a text-to-image artificial intelligence model that generates photorealistic images from natural language descriptions …
24 October 2023

Studio photo portraits with OpenAI’s DALL-E 3

B&W portrait of Japanese woman created with DALL-E artificial intelligence
We tested OpenAi’s DALL-E 3 image generator (ChatGPT) to create virtual studio portraits …
29 August 2023

A virtual portrait session with Adobe Firefly AI

Portrait studio noir et blanc généré par l'AI Adobe Firefly
We tested the artificial intelligence of Adobe Firefly beta version to create a studio portrait …
15 May 2023

Paris street photo, dog quest

Skateboarding in Nelson Mandela Park, Paris
In the head of a street photographer: a quarter-hour of street photography with its share of unexpected events, told by Thierry Allard, photographer …
14 November 2022

3D lighting simulation for portrait photo shoots

Ambient portrait photography with 3D simulated lighting
Today, we invite you to discover a 3D lighting simulation software for photo studios …
13 July 2022

Underexposing a backlit architectural shot

Facade of the Marie-Amélie Le Fur gymnasium in Bry-sur-Marne
How to take and retouch architectural photographs taken with strong backlighting, without a tripod or HDR …
4 May 2022

An artistic photo portrait session with video projection

Female portrait with video projection of ferns
Thierry Allard, photographer at Zebureau photo studio in Lyon, experimented with artistic portrait photography using a video projector …
2 December 2017

A rock band portrait session in Lyon, France

Portrait of a rock band in Lyon
A photo shoot at the Zebureau photo studio in Lyon, France, for a heavy metal band …
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