About the blbs.fr blog

This site is published by the Lyon-based design studio A Kom Z, France.

Created in the mid-2000s, the blbs.info blog was dedicated for a decade to publications related to the studio’s web production.
A sort of basic portfolio that didn’t interest many people…

At the turn of the years 2015/2017, when Lyon-based photo studio Zebureau was created within A Kom Z, more “cool” article topics concerning studio photography began to be published and significantly increased the blog’s traffic.

At the same time, the blbs.fr blog has become an A Kom Z test laboratory for studying SEO and the evolution of SEO since 2020.

The articles have become more and more informative, firstly about our discovery of studio photography, and then about photography in general.

Caught up in the game of telling simple “shooting stories”, the blog is now taking itself a little more seriously and is also moving towards the creation of tutorials concerning the practice of photography, as well as the discovery of artificial intelligence linked to images.

Take part, tell your photographers’ stories

We can publish stories other than our own, so we’re open to collaborations or the publication of articles proposed by independent photographers or creators, as well as other photo studios (outside Lyon) who will gain a little notoriety (and a quality SEO “follow” link).
The only requirement is that you’re ready to tell a real story (with a minimum of words) and illustrate it with beautiful images!

If we accept your proposal, it will also be translated for the French version of our site.

The information collected on this form is kept for 365 days in a database on this site before being automatically deleted.
You can request the deletion of your data at any time by using this form.

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